Key Construction W.L.L. has started its Cleaning and Maintenance Division in 2001. Presently doing number of jobs for Cleaning and Maintenance for the offices / residences.

KC has joint venture with M/S Dutest Specialist Access Services, Dubai, which perform Cleaning/Maintenance using ROPE ACCESS System.
M/s Dutest operated to the highest International Standards and through a rigorous Quality Control system (ISO 9001: 2000) ensures that only the finest products and services reach our customers and clients.

The unconventional architectural structures of Building, Bridges and new breed of high rise designs often create areas that are unable to reach with conventional access methods. As a result ROPE access has developed into a strictly regulated & highly technical industry.

M/s Dutest have now gained over 6 years experience of Industrial Rope Access. All our technicians are trained and independently assessed to the highest recognized standards.

ROPE access is a common form of access and egress from almost any work location & used in applications in today's environment such as

Building Exterior Pressure Wash
Glass Cleaning
Maintenance Works
All these tasks can be performed without using Scaffolding or any other conventional access method.

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